The Lindt Chocolate Hot Chocolate Bar Concoctions are Overwhelming

 - Nov 7, 2014
References: howsweeteats & thatsnerdalicious
When the weather gets worse in the winter, one of the few perks to the cold and sunshine-deficient season is enjoying all of the hot chocolate all of the time -- which is where these Lindt Chocolate Hot Chocolate Bar recipes come in. From How Sweet It Is, the overloaded hot chocolate is described as "trashed up" and comes in different Lindt chocolate-featuring variations.

How Sweet It Is started with two different bases: one made from dark hot chocolate and one from white hot chocolate. She incorporated Lindt chocolates in different ways, including whisking in truffles to warm milk. By adding different ingredients in (like chocolate chip cookies, mint, cayenne pepper, peanut putter and marshmallows), you add onto these bases and make your own hot chocolate bar.