From Coconut Vanilla Bellinis to Matcha Coconut Lattes

 - May 21, 2015
Coconuts have quickly become one of the most popular superfoods and these energizing coconut-flavored beverages prove that the topical fruit is just as tasty in a drink as it is in a meal. With its tropical taste and nutritional boost, the coconut is a perfect flavor pairing for everything from juices to cocktails.

Perhaps what makes coconut such a popular flavor is the myriad of ways that the food can be processed. For instance, coconut milk has a creamy texture that makes it ideal for crafting decadent drinks such as rich lattes and luxe hot chocolates. While on the other hand, coconut water has a more mild and refreshing coconut taste, which makes it ideal for probiotic fruit juices, tropical iced teas and even alcoholic coconut cocktails.

With so many coconut-flavored beverages now available to choose from, consumers can enjoy the sweet tropical taste of coconuts at home or on the go.