From Exotic Quinoa Cookies to Vegan Pecan Truffles

 - Jun 3, 2015
These chocolate-infused desserts are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth cravings. From traditional chocolate pies to bizarre cookie confections, these desserts include a wide range of after-meal dishes that use several different types of chocolate.

While matcha chocolate truffles are sure to appeal to the health-conscious eaters, a nutty chocolate pudding is filled with all the sugary ingredients a careless eater needs. Also included within these chocolate-infused desserts are a wide range of unconventional dishes. Chocolate meat pies and bacon-filled dessert sandwiches are perfect for those who prefer a smoky taste along with their sweet treat.

Vegan and vegetarian options are also featured with orange pecan truffles and vegetable-infused macaroons. Though these desserts are dairy-free, they still uphold the same great cocoa taste.