This Nutella Ganache Cake is Garnished With Fresh Flowers

 - May 15, 2015
Maja Chocolat's Nutella ganache is a hazelnut spread cake that boasts a fresh flower garnish. Known for its stunning and chocolate-enriched recipes, baking blog Maja Chocolat is no stranger to unique flavor experimentation and has crafted a multitude of desserts that feature botanical ingredients.

This Nutella-filled cake is also infused with high quality chocolate, sugar, butter and egg ingredients. Its simple recipe will appeal to foodies with a serious sweet tooth and can be accented with whipped cream when looking for an even richer flavor.

Once baked and iced with a Nutella and melted chocolate mix, this simple dessert is garnished with fresh flowers, nut clusters or summer berries, thought the botanical option is the most visually striking of the three.