The Hello Kitty x Avengers Cupcakes are Daring and Cutesy

Get your geek on with these strange and hilarious Hello Kitty x Avengers Cupcakes. These perplexing pop culture hybrids are the handy work of the California-based bakery 'Animated Cupcakes.' The perfect way to enjoy all your favorite Avengers heroes and heroines in a delicious feline format, these intriguing cakes are sure to satisfy your nerdy nature.

From the fiery red headed Black Widow to the green-hued Hulk, every Avenger member has been given the sugary sweet Hello Kitty treatment. Expertly crafted out of fondant, these cute catty toppers add a whole lot of personality to each petite cake. Whether your fond of the girly features of that famous bow-wearing feline, or your love of The Avengers is so strong you can forgive their association with a painfully sweet cat, these Hello Kitty x Avengers Cupcakes are sure to pique your interest.

The perfect sweet celebration of punchy pop culture, these sugary character mashups will make you smile.