These Cupcake Cupcakes are Topped and Stuffed with Delicious Doppelgangers

Surprise and delight your guests with these clever and cute Cupcake Cupcakes. Created by the baking blogger Nina from the aptly titled blog 'Ninas Kleiner Food-Blog,' these clever cakes come with a darling surprise inside.

Cupcakes sporting mini doppelgangers as toppers are becoming increasingly common, but few of these treats conceal yet another cupcake. Yes, Nina's Cupcake Cupcakes, sport three cupcakes in total: the mini cupcake found on top of the larger cupcake and another mini cake found inside. Each cupcake resembles the other to create a stellar dessert that will blow your ever-loving mind. If you're looking to impress at your next dinner party, put these babies on the dessert table and watch your guests puzzle over your sugar spun marvels.

Cute, clever and surprising, these artistic desserts sport three treats in one.