This Beer Cupcake is Shaped like Foaming Steins of Ale

 - May 23, 2014
References: cheezburger & thatsnerdalicious
Bakers looking to expand their cupcake horizons should try making these delectable-looking beer cupcake treats filled with Bailey's filling that look like real-life pint glasses.

To make these delicious looking pint cupcakes, the cupcakes need to be baked in an rectangular baking dish or in a cake pan and then cut into smaller rectangular squares. This will replicate the long shape of a traditional pint glass. Bakers can customize the flavor of the batter to their personal preferences. From there, the cupcake dough is cleverly decorated in yellow and white fondant to replicate the glass stein, cup handle and beer foam. The end result is a deliciously deceiving beer cupcake that is refreshingly sweet. The boozy Bailey's filling adds a luxurious coffee-taste to these yummy beer cupcakes.