These Wooden Necklaces are Infused with Fragrance to Calm the Body

 - May 3, 2016
References: etsy & everythingetsy
For consumers seeking a natural way to unwind and destress, these essential oil jewelry pieces offer a subtle way to do so through a scented wearable. The necklaces are designed by Etsy shop owner Tin Lizzie Apothecary and they feature wooden pendants that include miniature diffusers with essential oils that give off a natural fragrance all day to soothe both the body and the mind.

The necklaces are creatively made with wooden geometric beads that are then soaked in essential oils to provide a long-lasting wearable scent. The beads are attached to a chain of choice, and consumers can apply their own scents to the beads simply by dabbing the wood with an oil they like. The scent can be customized, depending on how the wearer feels and what ailments they have.