This Company Offers Artifically Grown and Conflict-Free Diamonds

 - Jul 29, 2016
References: puregrowndiamonds & huffingtonpost
These conflict-free diamonds are exactly the same as mined diamonds except for the fact that they are artificially grown.

Under natural circumstances, diamonds are formed from carbon that has been compressed for long periods of time at high temperatures under the earth. To extract them, it is necessary to use mining practices and as a result, the process of buying these diamonds is bad for the environment, causes conflict in global regions and takes advantage of people's labor. To avoid these issues, companies such as 'Pure Grown Diamonds' are growing diamonds in labs -- a process that forms the exact same stone in a different way. The resulting stone is conflict-free, sustainable and less harmful to the environment than traditional mining practices.

These conflict-free diamonds are a step in the right direction towards catering to an increasingly socially conscious consumer base.