The Kalikon Collection by Maison 203 Blends Different Aesthetics

 - Feb 3, 2016
References: maison203 & designspotter
The advent of computer-oriented manufacturing processes has resulted in the creation of 3D-printed jewelry like the Kalikon Collection by Maison 203. Designed by Giulio Iacchetti, the collection draws inspiration from multiple aesthetics including geometry, movement, fashion and even mechanics.

Crafted using sintered nylon, the entire Maison 203 Kalikon Collection is printed using a 3D printer, which gives each piece in the collection a sense of digital cohesion. Packed with several design options all of which highlight a circular aesthetic, the 3D-printed jewelry collection can be purchased in colors including pink, blue, green, black and other variations.

Futuristic in aesthetic, the Kalikon Collection shifts fashion towards being digitized, which will likely become the norm in the future as manufacturing processes like 3D printing become more viable and efficient.