These Jewelry Pieces Were Inspired by Children's Doodles

 - Jul 28, 2016
References: tasarimtakarim & thisiscolossal
These jewelry pieces replicate the doodles of children's drawings down to every last detail.

Created by Turkish artists Yasemin Erdin Tavukcu and Ozgur Karavit, 'Tasaim Takarim' translates to 'I Wear Design' and the company makes personalized pieces of jewelry for parents of young children. Parents can send in their children's drawings and the artists will replicate them in the form of everything from necklaces to bracelets to desk decorations. The resulting piece of jewelry immortalizes these children's doodles for sentimental parents.

These pieces work as a unique alternative to other methods of memory keeping that parents often use. Something as simple as safekeeping a child's art becomes a beautiful token for parents who order these jewelry pieces.