A Gold Jewelry Collection Guides the Eye to the Space Between Women's Legs

 - Mar 25, 2016
References: tgapj & dezeen
Accessories are made and worn to catch the attention and embellish, and that's exactly what the Thigh Gap Jewelry collection strives to and succeeds to do. Soo Kyung Bae of Singapore is outraged about the media's obsession with the size of the space between a woman's legs, aware that it is incredibly uncommon for a person not to have any curves there.

Aiming to bring awareness to this harmful fixation, the jewelry designer created the Thigh Gap collection to emphasize the area. She explains that she hopes to get a rise in people by producing outrageous gold pieces that elicit a proper consideration of the foolishness of this obsession. The success of a project like this is in the way that it bridges the physicality of luxury fashion and the psychology of body image to make a big statement about the pressures on females, young and old.