This Luxury Jewelry Store Forgoes Traditional Designs

 - Nov 16, 2016
References: jagnusdesign &
Upon entering most luxury jewelry stores, customers will likely find people behind display counters waiting to help, but the 'Denovo Diamonds' store rejects that tradition.

Rather than putting its employees front and center in the store, it ensures that the display items are what customers' eyes are drawn to. The space was created by 'Jagnus Design Studio,' which made it as eye-catching as possible. The store features walls covered in display cases and uses light and reflective tiles on the ceilings, walls and floor to create a unique illusory experience. The resulting space is unique but still fulfills its function of providing customers with beautiful accessories.

This luxury jewelry store is able to fuse a classic design with an experiential one, making for a space that is likely to appeal to high-income consumers.