This Tatty Devine Necklace Mimics Vintage Architectural Details

 - Apr 13, 2016
References: tattydevine
This Tatty Devine necklace pays homage to Neoclassical art and architecture. The statement accessory is laser-cut and digitally printed, featuring acrylic beads that are shaped like artistic symbols and motifs.

Inspired by Neoclassical iconography, this Tatty Devine necklace boasts sky-printed beads that surround five head-shaped pendants. Each of the pendants is modeled after a different Neoclassical bust and takes on a lifelike aesthetic that is an instant tribute to historical art pieces.

Whether paired with a loud ensemble or understated outfit, this statement necklace is an interesting accessory that is both artful and fun. The item stays true to jewelry designer Tatty Devine's eccentric aesthetic and leaves a lasting impression when worn. Though quirky, this item embodies an effortlessly cool air and successfully merges historical imagery with graphics that are synonymous with fringe Internet subcultures.