This Jewelry is Made by 3D Printing and Bronze Casting

 - May 30, 2016
References: katrin-olina & dezeen
Katrin Olin is an Icelandic jewelry maker who creates Gothic necklaces using 3D printing and bronze casting techniques.

The pieces include an elegant scorpion, modern bugs and a series of tangled vine-like original designs. The Gothic necklaces use ancient artifacts, nature and mathematics as inspiration. As Katrin Olin explains, "What is great about 3D printing and digital technology is the possibility of generating and physically producing something that would be otherwise next to impossible to make by hand."

All of her work is coated in a layer of black patina, a tarnish produced by oxidization, that slowly wears off and reveals bronze tones as it ages. With 40 pieces currently comprising the collection, Katrin Olin continues to explore the possibilities afforded by her original technique by manipulating preexisting digital models.