This Balancing Vase is Designed to Sit on the Edge of Surfaces

 - Jun 7, 2016
References: falkesvatun & dezeen
The 'Tumble' is the name of the balancing vase that was designed by Falke Svatun. The Norwegian designer created this piece of home decor to sit on the ledges of tables and shelves, giving your home an minimalist yet eye-catching feature.

The spherical shape of the balancing vase has a chunk seemingly cut from the bottom. With this, the rest of the orb looks to hug the side of the surface it sits on, creating a 3D ornament. The Tumble vase is also able to sit in the center of a table -- its design granting it a versatility that allows it to move freely wherever you may need it. The piece was debuted at the Milan Structure Exhibition during design week, where it proved the possibilities afforded with its unconventional structure.