- Jul 2, 2016
These June 2016 furniture trends range from foam lounge chairs to streamlined entertainment units that can be customized by homeowners who are seeking to satisfy both aesthetic and practical needs.

When looking at the month's most notable workspace furniture innovations, collaborative products round off this list. While ping pong conference tables draw inspiration from a popular past-time, multi-functional storage systems ensure privacy when needed while making room for collaborative work environments. The units are not only modular but can also be arranged to encourage idea sharing and communication among co-workers from different departments.

Some other June 2016 furniture notables include melting glacier sofas, sculptural foam loungers and curved chairs that celebrate the varying shades of the color spectrum. While these particular examples lead with aesthetics, they marry creativity with function and are designed to leave a lasting impression within one's home.

From Versatile Sofa Systems to Ping Pong Conference Tables: