The Francesc Rifé 'RAM' Tables are Designed for Business and Play

 - May 10, 2016
References: rife-design & homecrux
The design of the traditional table tennis table is relatively simple, but the designs observed with the Francesc Rifé 'RAM' Tables switch up this perception. Designed from elegant materials and intended for home or office use, the Francesc Rifé 'RAM' Tables are crafted from highly recyclable materials.

The Francesc Rifé 'RAM' Tables were commissioned by the ENEBE Sport Group and feature built-in lighting and look to balance the ideals of work and play.

The Francesc Rifé 'RAM' Tables are intended to be utilized within a home or at an office as the design quickly converts from table tennis table to a formal workstation in a matter of moments. This incorporation of play with work follows the movement in business to be more focused on a relaxed office environment to satisfy younger employees entering the workforce.