This Floral Furniture Collection is Simultaneously Sturdy and Delicate

 - May 23, 2016
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London-based artist and designer Marcin Rusak has created a floral furniture collection that is made up of actual dried flowers.

Each of these unique pieces follows a similar theme. The 'Flora Table' is a sturdy table with a top that is made up of processed flowers that have been submerged in resin. The rest of the table is made up of aluminum and the overall effect is an extremely unique piece that creates a balance between utility and intricacy. Following a similar theme is the Flora Lamp, which is also dark with processed flower accents. The artistic lamp features a ball of light rather than the typical bulb or shade, which would make it an exceptional stand-out piece in any room.

Combining artistic processes while keeping functionality in mind is what makes this beautiful floral furniture collection stand out among others.