ROTOJAM Makes Delicate-Looking Molds By Vacuuming Air Out of Balloons

 - May 7, 2016
References: cwandt & coolhunting
ROTOJAM uses particles, vacuuming and a lot of careful technique for its latex balloon art project as a part of the Collective Design Fair. Using a process called "particle jamming," the team takes smalls items such as beans, marbles or rice and jams them into balloons, then sucks out the air and molds them. The shape and malleability of each depends on the material put inside the balloon, with some instantly creating rock hard and casts and others allowing for more wiggle room.

The end results are elegant, shell-like molds that can be layered and further customized. ROTOJAM describes the process of their balloon art project in a way that is reminiscent of making paper mache molds as a child, although far more advanced. The use of "particle jamming" proves to work in casting larger items as well, including curiously warped chairs.