'SISTEMA' Allows Buyers to Customize Virtually Everything

 - May 9, 2016
References: viccarbe & design-milk
'Viccarbe' understands that finding the perfectly sized piece of furniture for your home can be supremely difficult, which is why it has created 'SISTEMA,' a versatile sofa. Nearly every element of design can be customized, including the back rest height, legs to adjust the sofa height, as well as fabric and wood finishes. Buyers are also able to add arm and foot rests, small side tables and trays.

Although the company allows for virtually unlimited customization, it offers a series of simple ready-made designs to make decisions easier. The versatile sofa is perfect for any home with both limited or excess space, as the 'SISTEMA' can be made to any length. Although the sleek design has a very minimalist look and does away with oversized cushions, the 'SISTEMA' guarantees optimal comfort with its proportional accessories.