- Jul 2, 2016
From DIY washi tape designs to personalized smoothie blends, the June 2016 customization trends reveal that consumers are eager for opportunities to make products their own both at home and at the retail level.

When it comes to customization, many consumers appreciate the opportunity to personalize products in the comfort of their own home. For instance, there is a brand of washi tape that allow users to color in the designs themselves so that the decorative adhesives can be tailored to match different rooms. Another example of at-home customization is the AURORA wall pattern titles, which can be moved around to fit different spaces.

Of course, customization is also a popular phenomenon at the retail level. This is particularly true of restaurants that want to give consumers more opportunities to create dishes that will appeal to their specific taste preferences. Some examples of customizable food concepts include make-your-own smoothie bars, mix-and-match seafood menus and edible chocolate love notes.

From Coloring Tape Rolls to Make-Your-Own Smoothie Bars: