'Snapshorts' Can Be Personalized with Photos from Instagram

'Orlebar Brown' recently released a new line of customizable swim shorts called 'Snapshorts.' While the company made waves back in 2007 when it launched a line of luxury swim trunks in scenic patterns, now it is upping the ante by giving customers a chance to create their own prints.

Snapshorts are tailored swim trunks that can be made with images pulled directly from Instagram. To create a pair of custom trunks, customers simply download the #Snapshorts app from Orlebar and choose their desired image. Users can choose any picture they like, including shots of beautiful landscapes, intricate patterns or even selfies. The app will then show a preview of the shorts and users can move, edit or rotate the image until it is perfect. Finally, users can choose the length of their shorts based on their preference.

While the app provides a fun way to create custom clothing, it is worth noting that the service does not come cheap. Just one pair of Snapshorts costs $595, making them significantly more expensive than pieces from Orelbar's current swimwear collection.