'Love Pebble' is a Fusion of Stone and Metal Handcrafted in the UK

 - May 2, 2016
References: kck.st
Love Pebble is a new project that's been launched on Kickstarter. Matt Steel, designer and founder of Love Pebble has created innovative personalized gifts inspired by the notion that stones with holes in them are lucky. His designs transform beautiful pebbles into bespoke gifts with a precision-made hole and handcrafted metal insert.

Sculpted by the sea, the pebbles have already undergone a natural smoothing process over many years. This journey is extended in Matt Steel’s Suffolk workshop, where he crafts them into lasting objects of beauty. To do this, he drills a hole through the pebble and inserts a custom-fit metal crown machined from a solid bar of aluminium or brass. The crown features a brushed finish for a luxurious satin-like quality. Personalized messages can be hand-stamped into the metal. Miniature versions are also available -- perfect for attaching to a key chain or wearing as a pendant necklace.

Available exclusively on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter, backers get something very unique in return for their support.