From Powdered Charcoal Cleansers to Flower Petal Face Serums

 - May 29, 2016
The top May 2016 skincare ideas highlight a variety of innovative cosmetic products that highlight the values of the modern consumer.

The Good Night Water Sleeping Mask by A'PIEU is an ultra-hydrating nighttime solution for those suffering from dry skin. The innovative formula includes lavender, birch water, and chamomile extracts, making the product a natural solution that consumers can trust.

Separately, luxury skincare and beauty brand Benefit recently launched their summertime pop-up, the Good Ship Benefit, docked along London's the River Thames. The immersive venue will host a number of events during its five-month duration that will introduce the brand's bestselling products to consumers. Additionally, the space features a number of bars and restaurants where consumers can grab a bite to eat before exploring product launch areas.