Niharika Hukku's Patterned Vase Collection Boasts Sky and Flower Imagery

 - Mar 7, 2016
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Niharika Hukku's patterned vase collection borrows its visual inspiration from the natural world and boasts gorgeous motifs of cloudy skies, floating fish and even detailed avian creatures. Born in India, the artist uses trips across the globe -- from New Zealand to Singapore voyages -- to find the inspiration behind her latest pieces.

The result is a captivating collection of patterned vase accessories that defy expectation. Each intricately crafted piece boasts hyper-realistic imagery and will appeal to lovers of bold home decor and the great outdoors.

In addition to creating sky-themed vases of varying shapes and sizes, Niharika Hukku is also recognized for her wildlife portrayals and even ceramics that feature urban landscapes and celestial scenes. "Beginning from concept, my work is a reflection of what I am experiencing in my own world elegant and beautiful," says the artist when describing her pieces.