These Silhouette Vases Display Everything from Bouquets to Books

 - Sep 6, 2016
When you first set eyes on these silhouette vases, you might think twice about their function. You may immediately discern that these decorative objects feature jug-shaped holes that serve as bookends, but the apparent solids are actually empty too. Each vase-shaped cutout is formed by two mirror-image units that are themselves real stem holders.

Dmitry Kozinenko's playful ornaments are totally practical too. Their open tops reveal spacious vessels for holding plenty of flowers, foraged branches and budding bunches; meanwhile, ample space is provided beneath to tuck knickknacks and novels into the urn-shaped gaps. These silhouette vases can be arranged in a spectrum of colors, contributing aesthetic delight in three ways to a shelf, a mantle and other surfaces around the house.