The Glouton Plastic Bag Storage Unit Encourages Reuse

The Glouton Plastic Bag Storage Unit is intended to help reduce the instance of plastic bags being used and discarded immediately after the shopper has returned home. Given the vast number of plastic bags that are floating around in our environment, the Glouton acts as a stylish way to store both plastic bags and paper bags to ensure they get reused.

The Glouton unit features a stretchy exterior series of elastic bands that allow plastic bags to be placed inside and easily retrieved. The back portion allows folded paper bags to be stored and retrieved easily as well to ensure that all shopping packaging is reused down the line rather than simply being thrown away.

The Glouton Plastic Bag Storage Unit is a stylish piece of home decor that serves a great purpose, and also acts as a shelf that can be used for storing keys or placing other decorative items.