The 'Mammal' Wood Stool Chairs are for Sitting, Standing or Playing

 - Nov 11, 2016
References: yankodesign
Whether for use in a modern living space or a child's bedroom, the 'Mammal' wood stool chair is designed with the aesthetic of a cow in mind. Inspired by the utter of a cow, the 'Mammal' stool is the design work of Elnur Babayev and has been designed in a number of sizes to suit needs or preferences.

The 'Mammal' stool is inherently modern in design and aesthetic, which makes it suitable for being used in a living space without looking too out of place. As consumer lifestyles shift towards living and raising families in smaller spaces, the need for furniture and design products that can grow with consumers and retain relevancy are becoming priority. This is evident with the 'Mammal' wood stool chairs that can be used by consumers young and old for a variety of different tasks.