The Rise & Shine Wall Mirror Easily Adjusts to People's Heights

 - Nov 17, 2016
References: huntingandnarud & design-milk
The 'Rise & Shine Wall Mirror' from Hunting & Narud, a London-based design studio, is a perfect piece of decor for houses or apartments in which residents have different body types. In particular, the mirror can help in households with multiple heights, as its design allows it to raise and descend with the pull of a cord.

Rise & Shine is suspended to the wall via a pulley. In fact, the mirror itself is suspended by a rope; it is totally free from the wall. It is actually the pulley that holds the rope and suspends both the wall mirror and a counterweight on the other end. To raise and lower the mirror, consumers just take hold of that counterweight and move it in the opposite direction. This design quirk makes the circular mirror rise and fall like the sun -- hence its name.