These Decor Pieces Recreate Garden Carpet Designs Out of Plush Fabrics

 - Feb 2, 2016
References: alexkeha & trendland
Artist Alex Keha blends reality into her personalized carpet design pieces that use different types of material and fabric textures to recreate landscapes and gardens. The carpets add a sense of whimsy to a decorative space by bringing in an element of constructed nature into the home.

Keha combines traditional Greek rug making techniques into her carpet designs using a tufting style done entirely by hand to create the floor decor. The pieces are made using green, blue and neutral toned colored fabrics with tousled, hairy or shaggy texture to recreate the look of moss, grass, trees and plants. Woven shades of blue string are used as well to recreate the look of water. The carpets are each unique in shape and size as they depict different images from nature.