The Design of the Janus Lamp Takes Cues from Outer Space

 - Nov 7, 2016
References: & design-milk
Brooklyn-based studio Trueing's Janus Lamp incorporates an inventive shape and scientific materials into its design. Looking superficially similar to a makeup mirror, the lamp actually uses a halo of dimming LEDs and a disc made of dichroic glass to cast bright and pleasingly hued light.

The Janus lamp takes its name from the Roman god Janus, who has two faces. That inspiration is fitting, since the lamp's disc of dichroic glass -- a material invented by scientists at NASA -- refracts the halo of light on both sides. Further, Saturn's outermost ring is named Janus, and that ring is imitated in the halo of LEDs that give off the lamp's gentle glow.

Because of the dichroic glass, Janus gives off a different quality of light depending on the precise angle and ambient light in the room, ensuring a unique cast whenever it's turned on.