Moreno Ratti's Collection of Vases are Presented as Floating in Glass

 - Feb 4, 2016
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Talented Italian creative Moreno Ratti recently put together a set of elegant vases, pots and bowls in the Marmo Triology marble dishware collection that feature the pieces cleverly suspended in glass. The use of a transparent casing in the overall aesthetic of the dishes gives the illusion of floating.

The Marmo Triology line draws attention to the artisan tradition of working with marble and the uniqueness the stone brings to each individual piece. Ratti is an expert in the medium of marble, as seen in his detailed works. The collection features minimalist, elongated and rounded vases of all sizes cut from incredibly thick marble. The base of each curved piece is then casted in clear resin that leaves the dish raised above the ground, as if it is seamlessly floating in the air.