The 'Fedora' Bread Toaster Mimics the Design Aesthetic of the Magician's Hat

 - Oct 25, 2016
References: yankodesign
Traditional appliances for the home are being given a boost of personality as of recently with an array of designs like the 'Fedora' bread toaster being created to offer a carefree aesthetic.

Designed by Beom Jeon and Kim Hyunsoec, the 'Fedora' toaster features a design that's inspired by a magician's hat; this is evident with the extended brim that runs around the circumference of the appliance. When the toast is done, it pops out of the 'Fedora' toaster like a rabbit from a hat to bring a playful touch to a traditionally boring morning task.

The 'Fedora' bread toaster features a modern design aesthetic that is fashioned in either white or black to further reinforce the futuristic nature of the kitchen appliance.