The 'Frywall' Pan Cover Prevents Oil and Debris from Escaping Pans

 - Sep 29, 2016
References: thegrommet & swiss-miss
Anyone who has ever attempted to cook virtually any foods in a frying pan knows how quickly splattering occurs, so the 'Frywall' pan cover looks to prevent this from being a problem. Fitting onto standard pan sizes in a secure manner, the 'Frywall' forms a tight seal within the pan to prevent slipping and to ensure it won't flop around. When foods are cooked in the pan with the 'Frywall' in place, splatter is eliminated and cleanup requirements are dramatically decreased.

Aside from being exceptional at stopping splatter, the 'Frywall' pan cover also works great to aid cooking. Large heaps of greens or stir fries often spill over pans causing a mess, but the 'Frywall' keeps everything neatly in place as it cooks down.