The Pelamatic Fruit-Peeling Machine Removes Produce Skin Quickly

 - Oct 3, 2016
References: amzn & droold
Whether for fruits like oranges that require peeling or for undesirable produce skins like on kiwi, the Pelamatic Fruit-Peeling Machine makes it simple to quickly prepare fresh ingredients.

Concerns over pesticide use and food cleanliness has many consumers looking for effective ways to help keep the food they eat fresh and flavorful. This appliance does so without having to have the user do anything more than simply load it into the peeling bay and turn it on.

The Pelamatic Fruit-Peeling Machine works by keeping the piece of produce in place and allowing a shifting slicing blade to be pulled around the item. The appliance helps to make it easier to prepare fresh foods to be eaten immediately or even used in smoothies and recipes to eliminate tough fruit and vegetable skin.