The 'Axis' 3D Cooking System is a Compact Solution for Small Kitchens

 - May 30, 2016
References: & yankodesign
Being that the average size of the home is shrinking in many major cities around the world, the 'Axis' 3D cooking system is designed to be a functional means to make the most of small kitchens.

Designed by İbrahim Özen, the 'Axis' features three separate sections on the unit that can cook different foods independently from one another. This is achieved with induction heating, steaming and even micro-baking technologies that are intended to make healthy eating a constant rather than a rarity.

Conceptual at present, the 'Axis' 3D cooking system provides a comprehensive means of cooking foods and is ideal for small apartments, dorm rooms and other small living quarters. The form factor design of the appliance ensures it doesn't take up too much space in cramped kitchen areas.