Onsen Luxury Bath Towels Redefines the Basics of Cleanliness

 - Jan 23, 2017
References: kck.st
Onsen luxury bath towels are going to change the way you experience shower time.

Have you ever used a wet towel after a nice hot shower? What's even worse than what it feels like is the fact that the longer your towels stay wet, the more vulnerable they become to bacterial growth. Bacteria is unpleasant and it is what causes your bath towels to smell musty.

The Onsen Towel is designed to maximize surface area exposure to enable the towel to dry itself faster. You don't want your towels to become a breeding ground for bacteria, right?

Made with premium long-staple cotton and woven with deep pockets, the Onsen Bath Towel is an exceptionally luscious bathroom essential. The waffle weave coupled with high-quality materials makes the Onsen Towel luxuriously soft and super thirsty without sacrificing its ability to dry itself quickly. Drying off never felt this good.