The Rehau 'Geneo Inovent' Ventilation Window Pushes Air Out and In

 - Jan 17, 2017
References: rehau & homecrux
Proper ventilation in a home is key for ensuring that the air is always optimal for health and well-being, so the Rehau 'Geneo Inovent' ventilation window is designed with this in mind.

The Rehau 'Geneo Inovent' window works when it's not open to help continually keep the airflow going by pushing out old air and pulling in fresh outdoor air.

The Rehau 'Geneo Inovent' window can be controlled to help offer various levels of ventilation to ensure that the system isn't working too hard or not hard enough. The ventilation window is purported to help recover 71% of the heat that is traditionally lost when a home is ventilated. This comes as welcome news for those who live in areas with cold winters where opening the windows isn't really an option for many months of the year.