BIPVCo's Solar Roofing is Designed to Look Sleek and Sophisticated

 - Jan 31, 2017
References: bipvco & greenbiz
In an effort to make eco-friendly technology more appealing to consumers, BIPVCo has designed solar roofing that is more aesthetically pleasing than other options available on the market. Indeed, BIPVCo's chief operating officer Paul Bates explains that the company is designing what can be called "the little black dress" of solar roofing.

Unlike some the large and bulky solar panels produced by other companies, BIPVCO uses thin film PV technology to create solar roofing that can be incorporated directly into the roof of a building or retrofitted using a unique peel-and-stick process. This technology not only gives the solar panels a more sleek and sophisticated look, but the flexible design is also ideal for flat or curved rooftops. The panels even deliver higher efficiency at low light levels than other brands.

By designing solar panels that blend in with the design of modern homes, BIPVCO is making eco architecture more accessible to the average consumer.