The LadderAnchor Keeps People Safe When Climbing Ladders Alone

 - Feb 22, 2017
References: kickstarter
Injuries sustained while climbing ladders impact upwards of 164,000 people per year in the US, and the LadderAnchor is a tough, intuitive product designed to reduce that number. The LadderAnchor is a base that attaches to the bottom of standard ladders, vastly increasing the surface area of the ladder shoes without adding excessive bulk or reducing the flexibility of the ladder as a whole.

Since the LadderAnchor has approximately 12 times the surface area of most ladder shoes, it decreases the chances of an accident by that same degree. In theory, that would decrease the total amount of ladder injuries from 164,000 to under 14,000 annually. But the LadderAnchor does even more to reduce the likelihood of ladder slippage.

The product attaches to ladder shoes via an inventive swivel, allowing either side of the LadderAnchor to contact the ground. One of these sides has spikes that make it ideal for digging into soft surfaces like soil, while the other is made from slip-resistant rubber that grabs hard surfaces like concrete or pavement.