The Hurdl Pixl Turns Concert Crowds into Their Own Light Show

 - Feb 6, 2017
References: hurdl & venturebeat
The Hurdl Pixl makes concerts and other live performances more dazzling and immersive for attendees. The wearable wristband contains a multi-colored LED that can work in tandem with those around it to effect tremendous light shows within the crowd, allowing for a completely new form of audience participation.

Individually, the Hurdl Pixl wristbands aren't particularly impressive. They contain a bright, 16 million color LED and are controlled from a central software program via radio frequency. What's impressive about the Hurdl Pixls is their ability to coordinate with one another: once audience members connect to their devices via SMS and upload information (based on the request of the lighting manager for the event), the Pixls can create mass light shows with one another.

For example, the lighting manager could make the wristbands light up by relationship status during a song about love, or they could light them up for everyone celebrating their birthdays to let the artists congratulate them.