The 'Tree of Life' Refrigerator Cooker Prepares Whatever Meal You Desire

 - Feb 13, 2017
References: yankodesign
Designed by Zahari Gancheff, the 'Tree of Life' refrigerator cooker is a piece of futuristic technology that aims to make kitchen appliances far smarter than what is presently observed.

The 'Tree of Life' works as a refrigerator and a cooker all in a single unit in order to store foods and prepare meals as you want them.

Users can utilize the 'Tree of Life' by controlling it through their tablet, which enables them to create meals for breakfast, lunch or dinner with ease without ever having to do the hard work themselves.

The conceptual 'Tree of Life' refrigerator cooker features a laser system on the interior that will clean it after each use to also inhibit the amount of upkeep that is necessary.