The Volkswagen 300 Concept Race Car is Controlled via a VR Headset

 - Feb 7, 2017
References: yankodesign
The Volkswagen 300 Concept race car is designed with such a sleek aesthetic that it makes it impossible for a human driver to be inside the vehicle in order to operate it. This might seem strange, but the implementation of virtual reality technology makes this a seamless experience.

The Volkswagen 300 Concept is remotely controlled by the professional driver by utilizing a VR headset to put them virtually into the driver's seat without actually having to be. This puts them out of harms way and increases the aerodynamic design of the concept race car to allow it to slice across the course.

The Volkswagen 300 Concept is the design work of Michel Dias and identifies how VR and drone technology will likely continue to permeate a number of different industries.