The 'Rolling Snake G1' Extension Cable Reel Stores and Protects Cables

 - Feb 9, 2017
References: yankodesign
The vast majority of extension cables on the market will offer a way to extend electrical capabilities and not much else, so the 'Rolling Snake G1' extension cable reel is intended to change this.

The 'Rolling Snake G1' works by coiling the equipment up in a compact unit that makes it easy to transport it to and from various different locations. When it's needed, the 'Rolling Snake G1' rolls out the extension cord in a protective snake sleeve that ensures it will lay flat on the ground and be visible at all times. This helps deter the occurrence of people tripping over it or from damage.

The 'Rolling Snake G1' extension cable reel is the design work of Emami Design and features a waterproof aesthetic that is safe to use indoors and out.