The iClever 'BoostStrip' Surge Protector Power Strip is Efficient

 - Feb 8, 2017
References: gearhungry
The average user has a growing number of products that are charged via USB, so the iClever 'BoostStrip' surge protector power strip is designed to offer a versatile way to keep them running.

Featuring six USB ports and six three-prong outlets, the iClever 'BoostStrip' power strip provides ample space to charge devices like smartphones, tablets, e-readers and much more.

The iClever 'BoostStrip' power strip features circuit-protected ports that utilize SmartID technology in order to charge each device to the maximum speed it can safely handle. This allows the iClever 'BoostStrip' surge protector power strip to charge devices safely but also work to ensure that they are up and running sooner than ever without the need for specialized attachments or chargers just for one device.