The 'DRNE' Mini Quadcopter Drone Features a Folding Aesthetic

 - Feb 24, 2017
References: yankodesign
Many drones are quite oversized and delicate in design, but the 'DRNE' mini quadcopter drone is designed with a folding aesthetic that makes it far easier to fold up and take with you.

The 'DRNE' features arms that fold inward along with the propellers in order to keep all the breakable components stored tightly in order to eliminate them from being damaged during transport. This means it can be tossed in a bag without having to worry that it will be banged up upon arrival at your final destination.

The 'DRNE' is impossibly compact in design and capable of being held in just one hand, which makes it a great piece of equipment for hobbyists who are looking for a small unit for performing a number of different actions or for recording purposes.

The 'DRNE' mini quadcopter drone is the design work of Taeheon Kim.