The FLUX Delta+ Offers a Host of Features

 - Feb 20, 2017
References: flux3dp
The FLUX Delta+ is a 3D printer first, but that description shouldn't detract from the product's multitude of features. The FLUX Delta+, which is FLUX's second 3D printer, is more precise and stable than the company's previous offering, while also including many features not available on the predecessor.

On top of printing, the FLUX Delta+ can conduct laser engraving on both wood and leather products. It also has a function specifically for vinyl cutting, making it easier for consumers to create high quality stickers on their own. Further, the multipurpose device can draw with pen, pencil, or any other writing implement, and it can create 3D scans of any object that can fit on its pedestal.

The FLUX Delta+ source code is open, so developers can also rewrite the machines to any purpose -- the only limit is their creativity.