The 'Moment' Hand Camera Discreetly Captures Experiences

 - Jan 19, 2017
References: yankodesign
It could be argued that many people spend their time at live events using their smartphone to capture the experience rather than actually experiencing it, so the 'Moment' hand camera aims to change this.

Designed with no screen, the 'Moment' camera works by discreetly adding a camera onto the hand of the user that works by sensing finger and hand movements. Users can capture the experience without having to stare at a screen which helps to put the focus back on the experience itself, while still offering recording capabilities.

The 'Moment' hand camera is the design work of Marion Bouvet and is also designed to be used when not on a users hand in order to capture pictures from afar. This is great for group shots and to help eliminate the need for selfies.