- Apr 1, 2017
With many consumers escaping winter weather for tropical retreats and exotic adventures, the March 2017 travel trends reveal that airlines are continuing to improve the passenger experience. This not only refers to lower ticket prices, but also to the overall in-flight experience.

One of the most popular ways that airlines are improving the travel experience for passengers is with better seats. For instance, Qantas' new premium economy seats feature extra storage so that guests have plenty of space to stow their belongings. Similarly, a startup called Molon Labe Designs has created a unique seating system called the Side-Slip Seat, which airlines can use to make the middle seat more desirable.

Beyond a comfy spot to sit, airlines have also begun offering extra perks to entice passengers. For example, Cathay Pacific offers its very own brand of craft beer to brew-loving passengers, while Qantas offers Netflix and Spotify as free in-flight entertainment.

From In-Flight Beer Brews to Airplane Streaming Services: